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UPDATE (3.10.2016):

We have found out that OneTwoTrade is closed.

We recommend choosing one of our top binary option brokers instead:

1. IQ Option
2. Banc de Binary
3. Finpari (for US traders)

Try also Binary Option Robot if you are looking for automated binary trading.

Old Review:

OneTwoTrade Demo AccountThere are certain changing industry trends in binary options trading that progressive sites like OneTwoTrade always try and keep aware of. One such changing trend is that brokerage sites are now getting rid of demo accounts for their traders to use.

There are several reasons why brokers no longer do this:

  • They do not accurately mimic the actual website trading
  • They use up precious website resources
  • Traders do not trade with them like they would with real accounts because there is no actual monetary risk
  • A user has few choices when trading with the demo account

OneTwoTrade trade does not currently offer a demo account to its customers, but they do offer an excellent array of features on their popular binary options trading site. They have been providing investors with a positive trading experience since 2011.

When we tested the website we were truly pleased with all that the site had to offer. They keep their many customers updated with current market information and also provide them all the necessary learning and analytical tools for them to be successful at binary options trading.

The website features the ever popular spot options trading platform. It is a trading platform that is well known to be easy to learn and navigate around. The website itself is totally web based so there is nothing to download and it does not use up a lot of a computer’s precious resources. The platform can be viewed in several popular languages and it can be mastered easily with just a little practice.

Besides bucking the old trend and not having a demo account, OneTwoTrade trade also does not distinguish traders by level based upon the amount of their initial deposit; all traders have complete access to the sites services no matter how much money they have in their account. They believe just like in life, everyone should be treated equally when it comes to trading binary options. Personal account managers can help each customer tailor their trading to their specific needs; there is no one size fits all with OneTwoTrade.

Users will get the chance to contact account help professionals at any time they need them. The site also features convenient one on one sessions with account professionals. This level of service is available despite whether a customer opened there account with $200 or $10,000. There is a VIP level but there has more to do with banking features than it does customer access to the site’s features.

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7 Binary Options review: OneTwoTrade: 4,5 stars.
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