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OptionFair DemoWe only like to feature brokers on this site that provide those that trade on them with a fair, transparent and secure trading environment; we also like to feature websites that those who trade on them trust. OptionFair shares the same visions and goals for traders that we do and that is one of the main reasons we feature them here.

We like to recommend binary option brokers that not only are fair and trustworthy, but provide their investors with excellent customer service, a user friendly trading platform and other tools that will help them be successful too. Sometimes a website like OptionFair is best defined by the amount of intangibles it provides to its customers.

Even though binary options trades are simple to initiate, that should not be mistaken for they are simple to profit on. Just like any other form of market trading, it takes careful analysis and sometimes some luck to make money trading binary options. It stands to reason that the more an investor understands binary options trading and the markets, the better chance they will have at being successful.

One of the best ways for both beginner and veteran traders alike to get comfortable trading is through the use of OptionFair’s demo account. It allows traders to familiarize themselves with OptionFair’s trading platform and lets them learn and practice too; the best thing about it is that the investor can do all this without risking a dime of their own money while using the demo account. There is nothing for the customer to download and all account level members can have access to a demo account after signing up and making their deposit.

Once an investor has signed up for the site and made their initial deposit they will be contacted by OptionFair to see if they are interested in using the demo account feature. The demo account is a great tool for investors to use to test both their attributes and weaknesses as far as binary options trading is concerned. There are no real funds used in the demo account mode and each investor is given $500 ‘demo dollars’ to trade with.

It gives most traders a great piece of mind to be able to hone their binary options trading skills without risking any real money. We highly recommend that any trader that signs up with OptionFair make good use of the demo account before placing real binary options trades.


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