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OptionFair TipsThere are lots of good binary options brokers on the internet to trade on, but most people would prefer to trade on a website that is even better than good; those people like to trade on websites such as OptionFair. The OptionFair website gives those investors that trade on them the best possible chance to be successful trading binary options. After all, making consistent profit is what binary options trading is all about.

How does OptionFair help their customers be successful traders? It all starts with how they help educate them to be better binary options traders. The site has a lot of learning tools that help those investors that want to increase their binary options trading knowledge. The education center on OptionFair provides such things as lessons on how to do technical analysis and there is even a video tutorial on how to best use their website. Customers can also have access to a free demo account after signup; it is a great way for new investors to learn OptionFair’s web platform without risking any real money.

In addition to generous signup bonuses, OptionFair also has other special offers from time to time; these are often seasonal so investors on the site need to keep a look out for them. It is not uncommon for them to offer such specials as giving a new member a free 1 on 1 session with one of OptionFair‘s binary trading counselors. They also offer enhanced bonuses from time to time that can go as high as 100%.

OptionFair also has a fair sized option asset index to choose from. It consists of such assets as 13 indices that originate from all over the globe. There are also commodity assets such as gold and silver that can be traded and over 20 matched currency pairs. Almost 30 stock assets are available to place trades on too.

There is also flexibility within the options themselves; a trader can choose to do such things as close an option position before expiry time. Clicking on the “My Open Trades” button on the screen will show an investor what trades are eligible to use this. If this feature is active it will become available 5 minutes after a trade is initiated and can be done until 5 minutes before it expires.

These types of features truly make OptionFair a very unique and fair website to trade binary options on; that is why we take the time to write about the sites features and recommend them.


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