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Binary 5 LogotypeBinary 5 is a new fraud injected into the business and financial industry. A binary option platform, if genuine, possesses the ability to turn a trader’s investments into sizeable profits. It can save you a considerable measure of cash which may otherwise be required to explore and authenticate the information.

The only problem is, our binary markets are overflowing with rip-off schemes that exist to siphon your hard-earned money. Binary 5 signal providers are unfortunately part of the binary market shadowy side that lives to drain your money by providing fake information.

This software was created by a dubious online profile owner, John Kane. The Binary 5 system has been proven to be a 100% shake down. Their software is a sham because of its inability to stand true to what its owner promises their investors, regarding the generation of profits.

Also, there is no way to verify the results of this app. The Binary 5 system has been proven an inaccurate and the binary trading software is buggy. This article clarifies in incredible detail why Binary 5 system is an immaculate trick you ought to keep away from.

History of the Binary 5 system

The website of this scam software,, claims that the testing of their app was initially carried out in the year 2012. The results of this evaluation declared the success rate of the Binary 5 app to be 73%, which was gradually improved consistently over the years. The Binary 5 website now claims their success rate to be at 81%.

This whole narrative is clearly untrue since Binary 5’s web domain, and all other related software websites that have been claimed by this identity was registered in the year 2016. It is extremely unlikely for them to have launched their platform in 2012 and that too without a website from which people can download it.

The Binary 5 App Review – Why it’s a Scam

The proprietor of the Binary 5 application has a questionable profile. The pictures used to furnish this identity was taken from stock photo sites, and all the reviews posted by this individual have been proved deceitful.

These deceiving photos were removed when a similar scam app, the Binary Ascent, was exposed, forcing the proprietors of this software to act rapidly towards obscuring their attempts of misleading traders through fraud schemes.

The name of the originator, however, continued its mission of misleading traders while the person behind the identity remained hidden. This is a scam you surely ought not to entrust with your investments. Our principal concern is the means through which this imposter has concealed his true identity while keeping the Binary 5 framework functional.

The Binary 5 app is an inoperative bogus app. The only functional part of this whole software is the promotional video, which also fails to shed some light on the real identity of the owner of this scam. This binary system software is not verified, and all the individuals who have given it a shot have shared disapproving reviews and negative criticisms.

Platform Image Example

Above you can see what the results of the platform would look like

Online research of this product uncovered abhorring and negative responses, from the trading community. All these negative reviews are just another eye-opener for someone who ever considered investing in this binary options platform.

It is confirmed through extensive online research that the Binary 5 app is just another scam that is out in the trading industry to drain all of your hard-earned investments. It is imperative for all the traders to gather thorough information regarding any trading software or signals before choosing to entrust money to it.

What is Binary 5 truly? There is no suitable answer available for this question even after conducting thorough research. The app mainly basis its analysis on a pure chart model taken from an established and trusted MT4 platform which is used by many trading platforms in the Forex industry.

This scamming app is an imitation and is simply a combination of some indicators. This app is only an unimportant counselor for traders using the MT4 trading platform and not an independent software as its website claims to be. The programmers behind this trick utilize four modified indicators.

This app produces a sound signal when market direction and indications coordinate with each other. An individual who observes this app functioning can easily point out several inconsistencies with various details. MT4 is loved by many traders in the trading industry owing to its efficiency, dependability, and ability to generate the promised results. Its chart analysis is also highly trusted by traders.

Box Set ImageThe Binary 5 app displays several averages on the display charts, however, RSI or stochastics are not available to be observed. Generally codes sent by signal services are programmed in a way that enables a viewer to see signals only, which are shown as arrows, while the indicator sound alerts are kept hidden.

In this case, however, the charts:

  • Display odd signals
  • Announce invisible indicators which are enough to confuse an investor
  • Has no instructions on what actions to perform after receiving a signal

This peculiar mode of action is sufficient to confuse a potential trader and gives them another reason not to invest in the Binary 5 software. Another oddity was uncovered when we tried comparing the two charts:

  1. The first chart featured arrow signals which were displayed among shifting averages.
  2. The second graph, however, showed two sets of changing averages while the signal indicators were nowhere to be seen.

This weird system of Binary 5’s process adds to the fact that this software cannot be trusted. The cost that is required to be a part of this scam is absurdly high. A lot of credible and genuine signal service providers in the trading world are offering their services at a much lower and reasonable price.

However, with Binary 5, registration for a platinum license requires a fee of about $180 dollars while a diamond license can be bought for $330 dollars, thus adding these high amounts to already existing margins of loss. The trading market offers many binary signal providers that are not only authentic but are available at inexpensive rates.

Taking everything into account, you are advised never to attempt investing your money with these scammers. Binary 5 is a total scam, and all of your deposits will not churn out a profit of even a single pip or dollar. This is a plan intended to rob unwary traders of their capitals.

There are a few orchestrated reviews that are posted on Binary 5’s website to promote the goodwill of this app, which you ought to overlook. This is apparently paid feedback on display to charm unsuspicious traders into investing with Binary 5. The trading industry is full of people who try to steal your money by offering fake signal services and market data.

Binary 5 is also the creation of such deceitful minds who are paid to design scamming software. We advise everyone to instantly unsubscribe, possibly block any and every email address that sends you invitations to subscribe to this fraud.

False Trading Results

Plug Play ReadyThe survey site of Binary 5 app brags about what they like to call their “everyday results,” and we just could not take their word for it. So, we decided to authenticate their facts and figures for ourselves by testing out one of their samples.

On 2016.11.10 at exactly 11:50 am, we isolated the USD/CAD currency pair match to test out the claims of Binary 5’. It was indicated on both the daily trade results and the Binary 5 website it was a “PUT position” on the said date and time.

The entry and exit costs were expressed with numbers which were clearly stating that after the decline in price, the position closed in profits. However, our extensive research disclosed the fact that at this specific time, the price never went in declination. Instead, it continued to surge higher, by more than 10 pips.

If the Binary 5 app had indeed followed the standard procedures of actually analyzing market trends, and charts it would not have signaled a “PUT.” It is clear that the currency pair was Bullish, which leads us to believe that the Binary 5 software displays a false chart with information that does not correspond with daily trade trends.


Not Reliable

All the facts and figures that were gathered during our research point towards the fact that this whole trading software is nothing but a staged scheme to drain investors. The brains behind this whole idea are either inexperienced or ignorant when it comes to even the basic trading methodologies.

Their claim of providing a 24/7 customer service is utterly useless until they hire someone with some actual knowledge about trading. Binary 5 is nothing but a siphoning software app created to rob you of your capital. There is nothing genuine about this whole scheme! You have been warned.


  • Good Looking Website


  • False System
  • Proven Wrong Results
  • Terrible Reviews
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