How Binary Options Changed My Life and Got Me Out of Debt

How Binary Options Changed My Life and Got Me Out of DebtBinary options trading has completely changed Diana`s life and he wants to share his story with other traders and 7 Binary Options readers.

Similar to the pitiful character in the entertaining animation on the Porter Finance homepage, I was in severe financial distress when I happened to discover binary options trading. Recently divorced, I was trying to raise my two children while working a dead-end job barely making above minimum wage. I spent my evenings online in various chat rooms, desperate to make new friends and dig myself out of this financial and psychological rut. It was a very disheartening and sobering time in my life.

That was when I happened to find an ad while reading Porter Finance review in Binary Options Broker Comarion sections. Out of curiosity, and rather impressed by the review, I checked out their website as their offers were intriguing. Usually, I am a pretty cautious person, not at all the type who looks for “get rich quick schemes” online. But I was at a low point in my life so I decided to go for it. I can honestly say I owe a lot to Porter Finance because Binary Options has completely changed my life for the better.

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To put it simply, binary options are a straightforward way of trading that basically give the trader two “options” or directions (hence the term binary options) which are essentially “up” or “down.” It’s really that simple! In essence you still have the complex aspects of the financial market as you can trade on indices, currencies, commodities and stocks, but you don’t have to deal with the complex terminology and details that often overwhelms novice traders. The only thing you need to do is to identify whether or not the assets on which you have decided to trade will rise or fall. And one of the best things is that there are a variety of assets from which to choose so you can put your own knowledge of the financial market to use and profit from your expertise and trading skills.

Having always been into technology and gadgets, I closely followed all of the latest technological trends, although I could scarcely afford to actually purchase any of them any of them! But I did keep a close eye on when they would be available and how well they were faring. It was around the same time that I stumbled into the world of binary option that Samsung was starting to rival Apple. Although it did yet surpass the iPhone, it was getting a lot of excellent reviews and a quite a few of the most respectable tech blogs and magazines were beginning to wonder if Apple’s time was near its end. My very first trades in binary options were “PUT trades”, which turned out to be extremely profitable. (This means I was predicting that Apple was about to “fall” or decrease in value.) However, at this time I had not yet grasped the concept that you shouldn’t chance the majority of your account balance on just a single trade! I’ve learned a lot since then!

Long story short, it paid off and I was instantly hooked! I must tell you, I spent a great deal of time online researching the various markets to find more about asset correlations and economic indicators. I must admit I am a bit of a nerd when it comes to researching that interest me. If you enter the binary options trading market with the same mentality, you will profit as well. Take it from me; develop this skill if you don’t already have it!

In just three months I had made $15,000 trading binary options so needless to say binary options has been very good for me! I was able to pay off many of my debts and get back on track financially. The customer service team at Porter Finance has been extremely helpful and has responded to any issue I have had in an extremely timely fashion. Quite honestly, I have no idea why more people haven’t caught on to binary options trading. It has been a life changer for me and I love hearing my children tell their friends that their mom is a successful business woman!

Trading binary options has made a huge impact on my life and I guarantee it can do the same for yours as well!

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