Daweda Exchange Ltd: Regulated Binary Exchange 2017

Owned and operated by Daweda Exchange Ltd, Daweda Exchange is rapidly becoming one of the most exciting and innovative methods to trade binary options. A lot of traders are curious if Daweda Exchange Lt is in fact a legitimate business.

CySEC Regulated

Traders can breathe a sigh of relief as Daweda Exchange Ltd is regulated by CySEC (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission). Binary brokers, platforms and exchanges that are CySEC regulated have the ability to operate in all countries that belong to the European Union.

The license number assigned to Daweda Exchange by CySEC is 289/16 and they are registered under registration number 343289. This status enables Daweda LTD and their exchange platform the right to initiate orders on their clients’ behalf. Basically, this means that it is safe to trade with Daweda Exchange.

The corporate headquarters for Daweda Exchange Ltd is located in Grigoriou Ksenopoulu 24, Block 25, Office 302, CY-1061 Nicosia.

Is Daweda Exchange legit?

Sadly, there are many binary options scams that try to lure in new and inexperienced traders so it is helpful to know how to determine which binary options exchanges and brokers are legitimate and which are the fraudulent system.

We have never received any complaints as to the authenticity of Daweda Exchange Ltd nor their exchange platform. As they are both licensed and regulated with CySEC, there is little to no risk involved as regulated platforms are legally obligated to adhere to the strict rules and regulations set forth by CySEC. For instance, regulated companies must comply with MiFID directives, a long list of international standards and regulations against money laundering.


We found absolutely nothing to suggest that Daweda Exchange operates in an unprofessional manner. We could find no complaints about the legitimacy of the corporation in binary options groups or forums. Therefore, it is our informed opinion that Daweda Exchange is one of the premier binary exchanges. We especially recommend this exchange for our EU residents who wish to trade only with companies that are licensed and regulated.

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