Dubai Lifestyle App Review

Dubai LogoI honestly think after reading this review you will think before deciding to commit a huge financial mistake like investing your money into this software.

In this review we are revealing the truth behind Dubai Lifestyle App and one thing is for sure, this app is a complete scam and trap.

I recommend you go through this review in order to get a full picture about these kinds of trading scams. I am sure our discovery is going to shock and sicken you as much as it shocked me.

Think about these points for a while:

  1. The Dubai Lifestyle Application is another binary options trading system that is supposed to run automatically on auto pilot.
  2. The founder of the app Scott Hathaway is claiming it will make you at least 7K of profit in just one day with great accuracy for trades that are successful. These claims were in fact our indication that something must be wrong when it comes to the this app.
  3. In fact there is no any available software today that is this much successful. While speaking with the professionals in trading, they are all saying that this is not the way in which binary options trading markets are functioning.

We want to expose this scamming site in order to warn you about the great lies that are behind this software. Scott Hathaway , who is product owner, is telling you fairy tales about the success of his product. Innocent people will fall for it, he will change the conditions when it comes to the trading market. You will be tricked and completely mistaken by his auto trader.

You should be aware of the fact that it is just a trap to steal your money, you won’t get a single penny. I am seriously warning you about this money stealing app. You should stay away from Dubai Lifestyle app for your own good.

System of the App

App SystemLike I mentioned before this app is supposed to run completely on auto pilot which is using binary options in trading.

Scott Hathaway, the owner of the product is telling us great fairy tales about the high accuracy for winning and making great income in just one day. There is no any logical reason to believe in these claims however.

Since you are interested in online trading, after you search online for those kinds of software, Dubai Lifestyle App will pop up instantly.

  • They are giving you the access to the software completely for free. There is only one benefit in this, they are not charging an additional amount of money, but you sure have to pay later.
  • In order to get a full access to the software you have to pay initial deposit money in order to sign up with the broker. After paying this initial fee you are signing up and setting up an account with the broker they gave you previously.
  • The minimal amount og initial fee you have to pay is $250 and this is amount of money you are going to lose at the very beginning. After you followed those steps, you can begin trading.

Dubai Lifestyle App Domain Age

Domain AgeI think by this point you have many red flags.

It is no wonder why are you so suspicious about this scamming app with so many evidence about its scamming methods and tactics. I can honestly declare this app as a huge scam and money stealing. Scott Hathaway claims that this app has been profiting for many years now, with a great success rate.

After we looked up and found out the real age of domain which is using this app, we find out that domain is registered on 6th July 2016. This statements given by Scott Hathaway are completely untrue.

The owner of the Dubai Lifestyle App

There is a big question about the owner of the Dubai Lifestyle App. In the promotional videos on his website we can watch him explain his story about coming to the Dubai with only 500 dollars in his pockets. Later on he invested that money and gained an income of 43000 dollars from his rich brothers who are living in Dubai.

To me it seems like a fantastic story and I find it really hard to believe in. After researching online about Scott Hathaway we find out that he is fake character. Among many other lies and fake promises, we find out that all of the other testimonials are also fake.

Screenshot of the CEO & Owner “Scott Hathaway”:

Dubai Lifestyle App

After researching social media platforms it is really easy to conclude how big this app actually is. There you can read only negative reviews about Dubai Lifestyle App and nothing positive. This review is going to warn people and stop them from making huge financial mistakes like investing into this money stealing app.

Dubai Lifestyle App SoftwareDubai Lifestyle Software

After we researched about validity of the this company, we find no single proof of it’s legitimacy. There is no single proof which is supporting the claims of it being a respectable binary trading system software. Besides faking the domain age, there is also no proof of it being honest about testimonials provided on their website.

In conclusion there is no proof supporting their claims of people making great income in just one day.

You are wondering if this binary option money maker software is free. I am afraid the answer is no. It will cost you 250 dollars which you have to pay as initial deposit money in order to get full access to the software engine. This amount of money will be charged to your credit card by their unlicensed broker.

User OpinionsUser Opinions

According to the opinions I found online, Dubai Lifestyle App is not the most reliable trading system on the market. Here are some examples:

Quotation marks” I have been holding out on the ‘Get Started Now’ from this program, thinking about joining, but kinda felt unsure. When he was talking, I felt like he was kinda forcing me to ‘sign up’ and deposit funds immediately. He also mentioned that if I didn’t join today then “don’t regret seeing other guys laughing at you, and tomorrow when you come back this app will have been pulled off”.”
Quotation marks“Dang!! I signed up… First they call and say I need to put 250USD minimum to start off. After I deposited the money to my account, then it was activated and then they call me and literally ask me how much I make a month, and how much i have in assets and savings!!!! Then they said they needed 1000USD to be invested in order for them to start the automatic trading. Now I guess my 250USD is gone…”
Quotation marks“Please don’t sign up for this fraudulent robot… I unfortunately did, and now I am being harassed constantly, day and night from  numbers from all over the world, with phone calls, of  what they say is “my assigned agent/manager” to guide and help me get through the last steps. They said you need to deposit 200US  in order to get started and then you’re done. Yeah, right…”
Quotation marks“Really, the only reason I ended up NOT being scammed out of all my money, was that I suspected it was a scam as soon as they wanted me to deposit a lot of money, so i instantly closed the website. Guess it was too late, since they had my phone number somehow… Within ten minutes, I had gotten 20 calls, from a lot of different numbers. I keep blacklisting and blacklisting the numbers, but there is just no end. Stay away for sure”
Quotation marks” Unfortunately, nothing about Dubai Lifestyle App appears to be legit… It is a very dubious system which has yet to prove it has any legitimacy. The robot cannot achieve a 100% success rate, because that is just impossible. Its interface is also not very user-friendly, and very hard to navigate. I know I had a lot of trouble trying to customize any settings. Also, Scott Hathaway is not a real person as you have already guessed… This one was a real stinker.”


Not Reliable

This review comprehensively went into the world of lies of this money stealing app.

The owner, who is claiming and promising you great income in just one day, is in fact a paid actor. All of his statements and claims are only more deception. After comprehensive research about his product, there is no any proof and evidence which will back up his fantastic stories he has been telling. Stories he has been telling are just part of the script and have nothing to do with the reality.

The harsh truth is that this app is designed in order to lure people into spending their money for nothing. All about this app is just fake and fictitious. This review will warn you to be more careful when it comes to the binary trading market software.

Before spending your money online, carefully decide which trading program is safe and worth investing your money.


  • More opportunities for trading
  • Trading on the go with free application


  • Potential great loss of invested money
  • Only short-term gains
  • Software ran on autopilot
  • Small number of assets available for trading
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