ETX Capital Demo Account

ETX Capital Demo AccountPrior to investing in a real ETX Capital trading account, it is highly advisable that inexperienced traders make use of the ETX Capital demo account. This is a type of account that allows traders to trade binary options in a real market environment and using virtual funds. With such an account, you can effectively test your skills in trading binary options, learn and try out the various binary options trading strategies as well as perfect your shortcomings in binary options trading before you can venture into the real trading platform. For the novice traders who are looking forward to investing in the binary options industry, this is the account you should first open and operate on this platform. While trading binary options is comparatively easy for any trader, training and education on the essentials of the trade is vita, with regards to long-term profitability of the trade. Having been in the binary options industry for a ling period, the ETX Capital binary options broker clearly understands this.

As a result, the broker offers some of the best demo trading accounts in the industry. The ETX Capital demo trading accounts allows traders to practice trading binary options using the Put/Call options. While the experienced traders may think that they do not need a demo account, it is actually important because it allows such traders learn how to make use of the various tools and features offered by the broker to trade binary options. In this regard, the demo trading accounts on offer on the ETX Capital binary options platform are designed to be easy to use and understand for both the novice as well as experienced traders on this platform. With the ETX Capital demo trading accounts, you not only learn how to execute trades in the financial market and make the right predictions, but it also allows traders to nurture their skills in trading binary options and build their confidence in opening and closing trades.


The low risk trading environment presented by the ETX Capital binary options trading platform motivates traders to invest in the trade and make a profit. Therefore, we advise your to sign up for a ETX Capital demo trading account, if this is the first time you are investing in binary options. In addition to the demo trading account, the company also offers educational materials on trading binary options on their website. This equips the traders with the information they require to make more informed decisions on opening and closing trades in the financial market. The best thing about the ETX Capital binary options demo accounts is that they are free to open and operate.

To gain access to the ETX Capital demo trading platform, you are supposed to open an account with the broker through their website. Once you have opened a demo trading account on the ETX Capital online binary options platform, you can make use of the virtual money given by the company to trade binary options in a real environment. Though indented for practice, the ETX Capital demo trading accounts make use of the real trading atmosphere. This is aimed at helping the new traders learn how to analyse the market and make the right predictions, even when using the real trading accounts. In this regard, the price changes for the various assets availed on the demo trading platform are actually real and in line with the changes in the financial market. However, the accounts are risk-free in that you will not have actual money deducted from your account, following a wrong prediction on the virtual trading platform.

To make the most out of the ETX Capital demo trading accounts, traders should be keen on how to analyse market reviews and read the live signals offered by the company; hence make more accurate predictions on the price movements of the various assets on this platform. The demo accounts offered by the ETX Capital broker are different from those offered by other binary options brokers in that traders can have their demo accounts customized according to their requirements. This implies that the demo accounts for the new traders are different from those for the experienced traders on the ETX Capital binary options platform. Again, it is also possible for traders to access the ETX Capital demo accounts on their mobile devices while on the go.

Bonuses Offered by the ETX Capital Broker

The ETX Capital binary options broker offers generous bonuses to its traders on various situations. For instance, traders on this online binary options trading platform can get an initial deposit bonus of up to 60 percent of their deposited money from the broker. However, you have to request for the bonus for it to be awarded by the customer care personnel at ETX Capital. If you make an amount that is equal to the minimum initial deposit of $ 250 on this platform, you can get a deposit of 30 percent the deposited money. The maximum amount of initial deposit bonus that you can get from this broker is $20,000, which increases with an increase in the deposited amount.

The minimum initial deposit offered by this company, as well as the deposit offered for such deposits varies with the account type you sign up for with the broker. The ETX Binary broker offers four different account types, including ETX Binary, Trader Pro, ETX MT4 and ETX Trader. All the four account types offered by the ETX Capital binary options broker have varying set of requirements as well as trading tools and features. The company does not automatically award bonuses to its traders. Instead, it allows the traders to request for the bonuses if they want to. Prior to requesting for the initial deposit bonus offered by the ETX Capital broker, you should take your time to go through the bonus terms and conditions imposed by the broker. For instance, it is a requirement by the company that traders achieve a trade volume of 30X the awarded bonus before they can be allowed to withdraw the bonus along with its proceeds.

If you have not met this requirement, you will not be allowed to withdraw money from your account. This is why you need to be very cautious while accepting bonuses from binary options brokers. The bonuses offered by the ETX Capital binary options broker is not just an incentive to attract traders to its trading platform; it presents a magnificent opportunity for traders to increase their capital pool for opening more trades. Binary options traders from all parts of the world, other than the USA can now open accounts with ETX Capital and benefit from their initial deposit bonus.

After the bonus amount has been awarded and availed to the trader’s account, it is readily available for trading binary options. If you are new to binary options, you should consider requesting for this bonus. This will increase your capital; hence allow you to open more trades. Additionally, the bonus will also cushion you against losses, if your prediction turns out to be wrong. The initial deposit bonus offered by ETX Capital can be used to open trades on any of the various assets offered on this platform, such as Indices, currency pairs, stocks and commodities. Additionally, you can open the short-term as well as the long-term options using the initial deposit bonus. This way, you will be able to meet the turnover requirement within a short period.

Once you have met the bonus withdrawal requirements imposed by this broker, you can withdraw your money. If the amount you are withdrawing is more than what you initially deposited into your account, you will be required to use a different method to withdraw the balance, other than the one you used to deposit the money into your ETX Capital account. All in all, the binary options trading platform offered by this broker is safe and secure. As such, the deposit and withdrawal processes are very safe.

ETX Capital Mobile Trading Platform

With ETX capital, trading in binary options is both fun and profitable. This is mainly because the platform on offer by the broker is easy to use and seamless for traders in binary options. As a matter of fact, you need not to be an experienced trader to trade binary options on this platform and make profit while at it. With one of the lowest initial deposit requirement in the industry, investing in binary options through the ETX capital broker is affordable for almost any aspiring trader across the globe. Owing to technological advancements in the industry, an increasing number of the reputable online binary options brokers are making it possible for their customers to access their trading accounts and trade binary options through their mobile devoices. This is made possible by the mobile trading applications offered by such brokers.

To stay in line with the changes in the industry, the ETX capital binary options broker developed a state-of-the-art mobile binary options trading platform for their customers as well. With the ETX capital mobile trading platform, you can access your ETX capital trading account using the same login details you use on the PC-based platform. From this mobile trading application, traders can carry out almost any process they can on the PC platform. This includes the various transactions, such as deposits, withdrawals as well as opening and closing trades on the ETX capital binary options platform. With the ETX capital mobile application, you do not have to remain in front of your PC for you to continue trading platforms on this platform. Instead, you can analyse the market, get trade binary options signals and open trades at any time and in any location.

Currently, all you need is a compatible mobile phone and a connection to the internet for you to be able to trade binary options. All this was made possible by the innovative ETX capital mobile trading app. With this application, traders can now transfer money into and out of their ETX capital trading accounts, analyse market conditions and take advantage of the right conditions to open trades from their mobile phones. The mobile trading platform offered by this broker features an array of beneficial features and is available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Hungarian, French, Czech, Irish, Danish, South African, Portuguese, Greek, Russian, Slovenian, Greek, Chinese and Turkish languages.

Although the broker offers many features on the ETX capital mobile trading application, traders need to access their accounts through the PC platform in order to get certain services, such as customer support and educational material. Additionally, you need to make use of the PC platform to gain access to the entire list of assets offered by the broker as the mobile version of the platform does not offer all the assets offered on the PC platform. Just like it is the case with the PC version of the ETX capital binary options platform, the mobile version allows traders to choose from an array of trading options, including the Long Terms, 60 Seconds, High/Low and the Pair Options.

Prior to opening trades on the ETX capital mobile trading platform, it is advisable that traders carry out a market analysis. This is because trading binary options through then mobile platform comes with the same risk as trading on the PC platform. The mobile trading platform also offers traders high payouts, of up to 85 percent, on various assets. As opposed to the mobile binary options trading platforms offered by the other brokers in the industry, the ETX capital mobile trading app is an all-inclusive trading application that offers a wonderful trading experience for traders. Just like the PC version of the ETX capital binary options trading platform, the Mobile trading platform operates on SpotOption software. Being a regulated broker, trading binary options through the mobile trading application is as safe as trading through the PC platform. To gain access to this easy-to-use, highly profitable and convenient trading option, you should signup for an account with the ETX capital binary options broker. The ETX capital mobile application is compatible with both iOs and Android mobile devices.

ETX Capital USA

Since its introduction to the market, back in 2003, the ETX Capital binary options broker has remained to be one of the most dedicated binary options trading platforms to date. Currently, the broker accepts binary options traders from all countries, other than the USA. Some of the best aspects of this broker include the comparatively high initial deposit bonus and the low risk trading environment offered by the broker. For the fist time you deposit money into your ETX Capital trading account, you can get a bonus of up to 60 percent of the amount you have transferred to your account, with the maximum amount of bonus offered being $20,000. Additionally, the ETX Capital binary options broker offered a lucrative investment opportunity for traders from all parts of the world, other than the USA, through their high payouts of up to 85 percent, in addition to a huge list of assets.

Regardless of the traders’ geographical location, all the traders on the ETX Capital binary get the same features, tools and assets to trade binary options on the ETX Capital binary options platform. With this broker, traders are allowed to carry out transactions in any of the three accepted currencies, the USD, GBP and EUR. As mentioned earlier, the ETX Capital website is available in multiple languages. This makes the broker more ideal for traders from various parts of the globe. However, it is rather unfortunate that the broker cannot currently accept traders from the USA. Although the platform offers a horde of beneficial tools and features, such as the educational tools, market reviews, demo accounts and trade signals, traders based in the USA cannot use this platform to trade binary options.

The ETX Capital binary options trading platform is regulated by the FCA, which implies that it is compliant with the regulations imposed on binary options brokers in the region. This being the case, traders from other parts of the world, other than the USA, should expect to get nothing of high quality and fair services with the ETX Capital binary options broker. Therefore, ETX Capital USA is not currently available, but may be availed with time. We will inform you of any changes in this regard.

Is This Broker Regulated?

Currently, there is a very large number of binary options brokers and binary options robots in the market. Similarly, the number of scam binary options providers is very high. These being the case, the majority of traders in this industry are only opting for the registered and regulated binary options brokers. Well, regulation is not necessarily a measure of the quality of services you will get from a broker. However, it is an indicator that the broker is compliant with the regulations imposed by the regulator. This give traders peace of mind knowing their money is in safe hands with the broker. The ETX Capital binary options broker is regulated in the UK and is certified by the FCA. It is no wonder that it is the preferred broker by thousands of traders across the globe.

For the close to 12 years that this broker has been in operation, it has been offering quality services and a favourable trading environment for trades across the world. The fact that the ETX Capital broker is regulated serves as a guarantee that traders’ money is safe with the broker. This is mainly because the regulator maintains a keen eye on the broker to ensure that it does not engage in any scam activity. Additionally, we have also included the broker in our list of trusted brokers and have been following its activities for a while now. With this in mind, the ETX Capital binary options platform is not only legitimate, but also one of the best binary options trading platforms in the industry.

Some of the aspects that set this broker apart from the rest include low spreads in a low risk trading environment, educational tools, a demo trading platform, trade indicators as well as customized charts. Such features allow the traders to make the best out of the platform and continually make profit while trading binary options. In addition to the added security of traders’ funds, the regulated state of this binary options broker has gone a long way in boosting its credibility among binary options traders in various parts of the world. The company also has clear terms and services in place to govern its operations. This is to say that all the processes on this platform are straightforward and that the broker has nothing to hide in its dealings with the traders on its binary options trading platform.

In addition to being regulated, the ETX Capital online binary options trading platform has depicted an exemplary performance in the industry. This may be attributed to the SpotOption software that is used on this platform. Regardless of the type of account you have opened with this broker, you can rest assured that you money is safe and that all the processes are secure and straightforward. This aspect makes the ETX Capital ideal for the beginners in the binary options trading industry. The fact that the broker currently supports more than 6,000 binary options traders, from various parts of the world, is also an indicator that the broker is reliable and profitable. At 7binary options, we carried out an extensive investigation on the services, tools and features offered by this broker. From what we observed, the ETX Capital binary options platform is a legitimate broker offering some of the best services and features in the industry. As such, we are recommending the broker for both the beginners and the experienced traders in binary options.


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