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HBSwiss LogotypeThe HB Swiss promotional video is presented by Hans Berger, who explains that the HB Swiss system is a combination of the latest financial algorithms boosted by the power of quantum computing.

But first let’s see the backstory behind the HB Swiss system.

Hans Berger was a graduate of the University of St. Gallen, who after obtaining his finance and business degree, went on to become a successful Swiss banker.

Unfortunately, his work-life balance was terrible and despite the good money, he became more and more unsatisfied with how little time he got to spend with his family.

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Trying to think of a way out, he thought of his school friend Bastian Hermann, now a quantum physicist at CERN. He wanted Bastian to help create software that could combine his financial knowledge with quantum computing to create the ultimate trading software.

Binary Options Clip Art 5Bastian was more than willing to help him, but despite early enthusiasm, the work became difficult and discouraging and took away even more family time from Hans. This caused a rift between him and his wife, who wanted him to stop working on the software.

Nevertheless, Hans persisted and after more than a year of working on the software, he one day noticed a profit of EUR15,000 in his account.

Excited, he tested it more and soon found that the software could earn him a minimum of EUR5,000 a day!

He immediately quit his job and founded HB Swiss, named after Hans and Bastian.

And now, Hans wants to give away the software for free to up to 10 people a day. Why give away such a profitable software for nothing, you ask? Simple, that’s because the more people who are using this software, the more financial market data the software can obtain, and through ‘self-learning’ the software will become even better!

Here’s a screenshot of the system:

HBSwiss Screenshot

The Truth About HB Swiss

Did you think the backstory described above seemed more like the plot for a D-grade movie? You would be absolutely right because there is one thing the HB Swiss story and most movies have in common: they are completely fictional.

HB Swiss ScreenshotThere is no such thing as a binary robot that can generate a success ratio of 87%.

And EUR5,000 a day in profit from a $250 minimum deposit? That’s a return of more than 2,000%!

It’s literally impossible, and the creators of the robot try to sell you the whole ‘quantum computing’ idea, which is nonsense.

If you must know, the latest quantum computer is the D-Wave 2000Q which costs $15 million and is 10 feet tall. Also, skeptics claim that it is actually not much faster than a regular computer.

You don’t even have to take our word for it. Consider the fact that Hans Berger looks like an actor who plays ‘Eastern European villain #1’ on a straight-to-DVD movie.

Or perhaps consider that the HB Swiss official website itself states the whole thing is fictional in their disclaimer.

Here’s an excerpt:

  • The HBSwiss sales video is fictitious and was produced to portray the potential of the HBSwiss 3rd party signals software. Actors have been used to present this opportunity and it should be viewed for entertainment purposes. We do not guarantee income or success, and example results in the video and anywhere else on this website do not represent an indication of future success or earnings.”

Kate Green

Their official website also features two written testimonials. One of them is a generic stock photo and the other is British Labor MP Kate Green, who in the testimonial is given the name of ‘Benny White’.

Here is the actual person whose photo has been ripped off:

Kate Green Screenshot

Here’s another proof of stock photo being used for a testimonial:

Stock Image

How HB Swiss Works

HB Swiss works the same way all of these binary options robots work: generic white label auto-trading software bolstered up with false advertising.

The software used in HB Swiss is similar to software used in other binary options robots such as Step to Wealth, Hexa Trader, and Cognitrader.

And you can be 100% sure that it won’t even come close to a 87% success rate.

Investing SlideshowAll of these binary options robots are just advertising vehicles to get the affiliate marketing dollar.

That’s why they are always free; their only goal is to get you to sign up with their partner binary options broker and they will get a nice fat commission once you fund your account.

And what about the binary options brokers these robots partner with? Not the most reputable, with the majority of them being completely unregulated and many being dogged by complaints of fraudulent or unethical behavior.

In the case of HB Swiss, the broker we were redirected to was TraderVC which is not a regulated broker.


Not Reliable

HB Swiss is yet another basic binary options robots trying to distinguish itself with false advertising. It cannot deliver on its claim and is just an affiliate marketing vehicle. Give this one a miss.


What Indicators to Look for With Potentially Scam Products?

  1. They claim exaggerated or impossible revenues: YES
  2. Presence of false scarcity counters: YES
  3. Tactics to pressure people into quickly singing up: YES
  4. Testimonials that are fake: YES, see image above
  5. Say that the software is “free”: YEP
  6. Proof of how the software works: NONE
  7. A probability that this is a scam: 100%


  • None


  • Unregulated broker
  • Misleading advertising
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7 Binary Options review: HB Swiss: 1 stars.
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