Are There Any IQoption Complaints?

Are There Any IQoption Complaints?As we were going through some recent reviews on binary options brokers we noticed that one site in particular was getting some very favorable reviews; that sites name was IQoption. The positive feedback they were getting made us very curious to take a closer look at this popular web broker to see what they are doing right that is building their clientele rapidly; we were especially surprised at how quickly the company has grown in the amount of traders they have despite being one of the newer brokers to the binary options trading scene. Here is what we found out about why they received so few compalints.

What Others Are Saying?

When people made comments about the website the words friendly, trustworthy, fair and ‘more successful at trading’ came up on a regular basis. This is definitely a sign of a website that is well liked and offers its customers some well-rounded services to enhance their binary options trading. This type of customer response is why this broker was considered or actually received many of the industry’s top awards this past year. That is an incredible achievement for a new web broker.

It is a website that would be well worth it for someone to take the time to explore it a little and see what options they offer to those that trade with them. The site is very easy to navigate around to see what the trading platform is like and all the different menu selections there are to choose from that will help you be successful with your binary options trading.

Why Are They Getting So Popular So Fast?

For one they are a certified binary options broker and this means they are a site that can be trusted and sticks closely to fair binary options trading guidelines; unfortunately that is not always the case in the binary options trading industry. They are a website that likes to put those who trade with them in control of their own destiny and to help them build up their binary options trading investment accounts. They do this by providing those that trade with them some of the best learning tools in the business and a trading platform that is easy to use and understand. Once on their website and ready to trade, you will find their drop down menu selection makes it very simple to get around the website and will quickly get you to the areas that you want to access.

IQoption Customer Service

One of the best ways to measure a binary options broker is by how effective and responsive their customer service department is and IQoption has all the bases covered here. Does IQoption get complaints? Of course they do; you cannot find any company in the world that has more than a few customers that can satisfy everyoneof them, it’s just not possible. IQoption has a customer service team that has a lot of knowledge about the binary options industry and because of that they can handle questions and concerns quickly and in a satisfactory way to leave the trader happy. This type of responsiveness tends to minimize complaints by resolving problems before they have a chance to become bigger ones. The remarkable reviews they are getting only seem to back this up further.

How Do They Minimize Complaints?

Having a skilled customer service team is not the only way to minimize complaints either. It can also be done by helping to give every investor that signs up with them the trading tools at their disposal to be successful at trading and to give them a trading platform with a wide variety of options to choose from.

The skilled customer service team can answer questions and concerns in several different languages too. These include such languages as English, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Indonesian, Turkish and Portuguese. That will help a lot of people from different places in the world get their questions and concerns answered in a manner in which they will fully understand.

IQoption is also a company that is trying to improve upon an already good trading experience too as they continually do such things as expand their asset choices and constantly update and modernize their trading modes too. It is a web broker that features a quality learning center that will help both novice and veteran traders improve their options trading skills. They are definitely a company that does not settle for the status quo even though their number of clients is still growing. They know that being a progressive and innovative broker is what will keep them at the top of the popular binary options brokers list for a long time to come.

IQoption Login

Your whole trading experience with IQoption options begins the minute you sign up with them, make a deposit and then log in for the first time. The signup process is very simple and just requires some basic information like your name, address and e-mail contact; a photocopy of a government issued ID and then making your deposit with one of the many banking methods that IQoption offers to you. The whole process starts just by selecting the “open account” tab on the drop down menu selection. You will also be prompted to select a private password at this time that should not be given out to anyone else over any circumstances.

Once the terms and conditions of the account have been accepted and you have made your initial deposit and selected a password, you are then able to begin trading upon final approval of the account. Once on the website you can even choose to access the site with your login information from such popular social media providers as Google and Facebook. IQoption even gives you a lot of choices on such a simple thing as the login, which is a sure sign of a web broker that looks at every aspect of their website to make it better.

IQoption Accounts

There are three different level accounts that you can sign up for with IQoption.

Demo Account

Simply stated there are a lot of benefits that a trader can get from starting out using a demo account. A demo account  is not an actual account that you trade your invested money in; it is a dummy account that closely resembles what actual trading with the web broker is like. It is free to sign up for this account and there is no obligation to make a deposit to use it. You will get $1000 of virtual money to trade with and 13 asset choices in which to make trades.

Demo accounts have proved useful to many traders, especially beginner traders, because they give you the ability to improve your binary options trading skills and learn the trading platform before risking so much as a single dollar of your own money. It helps new traders gain the confidence they need to be successful at binary options trading.

You can think of the demo account as a binary options simulator that will totally immerse you in everything you need to know about trading binary options. That is why IQoption recommends that traders of all experience levels at least spend a little time on the free demo account that is provided.

The Real Account

With just an extremely low deposit of $10 you can join and access the Real account with IQoption. They definitely have the philosophy that anyone should be able to enjoy binary options trading and the fact they have the lowest binary options account deposit in the industry proves that.

This is no demo account and the trading is authentic so there obviously is risk associated with joining this account; that is one reason why it is generally recommended to try and get used to the demo account first. With this account you will have several binary options choices to pick from, over 70 assets to choose, a fast 3-day withdrawal process and the opportunity to earn over an 80% return on your investment on most trades.

VIP Account

If you are a hardcore and experienced binary option trader then you will want to sign up for the VIP account level. A minimum deposit of $1000 is required to start out trading at this level. It includes every feature of the real site account level but the withdrawal process is a lightning fast 1 day.

Additionally you will get access to VIP only webinars, free trading signals, assignment of a personal account manager and access to monthly management meetings to help you plan and discuss trading strategy. You can get treated like a VIP with IQoption without spending the tens of thousands of dollars that other web brokers often require for these same types of privileges.

Once again there are a lot of signs that IQoption is very creative and thinks of everything when deciding what goes into their accounts and web platform.

Learning Tools

We have already told you that by having a demo account it gives those who trade with IQoption a leg up on learning the trading platform and increasing their binary option trading skills. The learning tools do not start and end with just the demo account though; they also have a host of other things in their expansive learning center that will help both beginner and veteran investors improve their trading skills.

These learning tools include such things as instructional webinars, video tutorials, eBooks and more. These will jump start your learning of how to successfully trade binary options so you can maximize your trading skills as quickly as possible. IQoption options definitely operates under the opinion that a knowledgeable trader has the best chance of being a successful trader, that is why they give you access to so many of the excellent learning tools they have to offer.

These tools will help you do such things as understand the financial markets and how economic events can suddenly change them, the basic principles of price trends, how to spot winning signals and the types of binary options strategies that users are experiencing a great deal of success with. You will also receive current market data on the website and be the first to be informed of the latest happenings in the financial markets.

Banking on IQoption

We have already told you how simple it is to sign up and get started with IQoption. A lot of this has to do with the excellent way they handle their banking functions. This broker knows how important banking practices are to their traders overall satisfaction with the website and they make every effort to keep things going smoothly and securely in this area. Evidence of this is that they offer some of the fastest withdrawal times in the industry.

When it comes to making deposits there are a variety of methods that can be used. They accept such popular deposit methods as Visa, MasterCard, Bank Wire transfer, Maestro, Skrill Moneybookers, CashU, POLI and WebMoney. There is nothing like having a lot of choices when it comes to depositing and withdrawing money from your web broker.

We have mentioned the fast withdrawal times and that they are among the fastest in the industry. For questions on these fees you can send an e-mail to customer service to find out exactly what they are for your preferred withdrawal method.

Trade with Confidence on a Regulated Broker

It is another positive sign of a confident and trustworthy web broker when they allow themselves to be put under the strict scrutiny of a binary option regulating agency; such is the case with IQoption. Their business practices fall under the watchful eyes of the much respected CySEC regulating agency which has a strict code of conduct its members must follow in order to be sanctioned by them for trading. Any violation of this code of conduct means the prestigious CySEC name must be removed from the website until compliance with their regulations has once again been established. It is something that no broker wants to happen so member brokers are typically among the fairest and most customer centered brokers there is to trade on.

We always recommend that you highly consider trading with an internet broker that is regulated by some type of governing body that oversees binary options trading.

We See No Reason Not To Trade on This Broker

By now you are probably starting to see a pattern developing with IQoption and that pattern is it’s a progressive and innovative company. They look at all aspects of both their website and their trading platform to give their many users the best possible binary options trading experience. They even had enough courage and enough vision as to how they wanted to do things that they are one of the few web brokers who totally designed their own web platform. That speaks volumes for the determination this broker has to be the best and most independent thinking web broker you can trade on.

You should also have a pretty good idea by now why this broker gets so few complaints and none of what we would consider of the major variety. They have established a trading system which helps to avoid questions and concerns and taken that one step further by backing that up with an excellent customer service team.

It is no wonder they have become such a popular broker to trade on and why their membership numbers have increased so dramatically. After all, who wouldn’t want to trade with a broker that is innovative, helps their customers maximize their trading abilities and gives you a great chance to take your binary options trading to a new level.

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