opteck big logo Founded in 2011, Opteck has already proved itself as a successful company, providing services to more than 40,000 users worldwide. The company offers a solution for the trading needs of user across the globe and is regulated by Cysec.

The platform, developed in-house, is user-friendly, simple to use and suits the needs of both novice and experienced traders. Operating in many countries around the globe, the company provides services for users in more than 80 countries.

Basic information:

Online since: 2011
Jurisdiction: Cyprus
Software: In-house development
Max Returns: 85%
Bonus: 100%
Minimum Deposit: $250
Minimum Investment: $25
Maximum Investment: $5000
Currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, JPY
Mobile: Yes
Countries: All nations excl. USA


  • More than 100 tradable assets
  • Demo account
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Simple to use


  • No customers from USA accepted

7 Binary Options Rating:

4,5 stars

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Opteck BonusesOpteck offers very attractive bonuses for new traders, providing an additional benefit for unexperienced traders, who wish to invest in binary options, but have doubts regarding the initial investment amount. This is an opportunity for new traders to trade at higher stakes. Opteck offers up to 100% welcome bonus for the new traders.

Maximum payouts

The trader’s payout ranges between 65% and 150%, depending on the returns of individual trades.

Types of accounts

Opteck Account TypesAt Opteck there are various types of accounts to choose from when choosing an initial deposit amount.

  1. You can receive different benefits based on the amount of your investment.
  2. The different account types are suited to serve the needs of both novice and experienced traders.
  3. Minimum deposit amount is 250, and minimum trading amount is only 25, which allows users to execute a wide range of trades.

The accounts offered by Opteck include for example:

  • monetary benefits, such as signup bonuses
  • various educational materials, facilitating the trading experience for binary option traders
  • live webinars and
  • a free E-book for registered traders

Private sessions with senior analysts are also available as well as sessions with personal account managers. Furthermore, the company offers video tutorials presented on site. The schedule of the webinars is presented at the webinars calendar on the company’s website.

Opteck offers a bonus on a trader’s initial amount as starting deposit starting from around 25% to a whopping 100%. The broker offers many different account types which are based on the trader’s initial deposit. So, the higher the deposit, the more prestigious your account type. The six types of accounts are Basic Account, Bronze Trader Account, Silver Account, Gold Account, Platinum Trading and Black Trading Account.

Basic TypeBasic: Initial Deposit $250-$499
  • Bonus offered: 25%
  • Benefits: customer support, web chat, telephone and email
  • Regular market analysis
  • A free eBook which is mainly regarding binary options buying and selling
  • Access to an array of video courses mainly detailing binary options trading
Bronze TypeBronze Account: Initial Deposit $500-$999
  • The Bonus offered: 35%
  • Benefits: customer support, web chat, telephone and email
  • Regular market analysis
  • Free binary trading eBook
  • An array of video courses about binary trading
  • Scheduled session with an executive trade account manager
  • A demo account funded with virtual money
Silver TypeSilver Account: Inital Deposit $1,000-$4,999
  • Bonus offered: 45%
  • Benefits: customer support, web chat, telephone and email
  • Regular market analysis
  • A free binary trading eBook
  • An assortment of video courses mainly about binary options
  • Scheduled session with a executive account manager
  • A Demo account funded with virtual money
  • Around 10 to 20 trading signals daily
  • Regular market analysis via email
  • A webinar that discusses market liquidity
Gold TypeGold Account: Deposit $5,000-$9,999
  • Bonus offered: 65%
  • Benefits: customer support, web chat, telephone and email
  • Regular market analysis
  • A free binary trading eBook
  • An assortment of video courses mainly about binary options
  • Scheduled session with a executive account manager
  • A Demo account funded with virtual money
  • Around 20 to 30 trading signals daily
  • Regular market analysis via email
  • A webinar that discusses market liquidity
  • A Webinar conducted discussing the psychology of trading
  • A discussion about trading stratgey with a professional account manager
  • Receive 1% extra profits from each trade
  • Alerts about new market events
Platinum TypePlatinum: Deposit required between $10,000-$24,999
  • The Bonus offered: 65%
  • Benefits: customer support, web chat, telephone and email
  • Regular market analysis
  • A free binary trading eBook
  • An assortment of video courses mainly about binary options
  • Scheduled session with a executive account manager
  • A Demo account funded with virtual money
  • Around 30 to 40 trading signals daily
  • Regular market analysis via email
  • A webinar that discusses market liquidity
  • A Webinar conducted discussing the psychology of trading
  • A Webinar discussing diagrams and graph analysis
  • Private discussion or Q&A with a professional trading analyst
  • Receive 1% extra profits from each trade
  • Alerts about new market events
  • A free hotline for traders who need help
Black TypeBlack: Deposit $10,000-$24,999
  • The Bonus offered: 65%
  • Benefits: customer service, web chat, telephone and email
  • Regular market analysis
  • A free binary trading eBook
  • An assortment of video courses mainly about binary options
  • Scheduled session with a executive account manager
  • A Demo account funded with virtual money
  • Around 40 to 50 trading signals daily
  • Regular market analysis via email
  • A webinar that discusses market liquidity
  • A Webinar conducted discussing the psychology of trading
  • A Webinar discussing diagrams and graph analysis
  • Private discussion or Q&A with a top account manager
  • Receive 2% extra profits from each trade
  • Alerts about new market events
  • Webinar dedicated to trading strategies
  • Private weekly sessions with a professional analyst
  • A direct hotline for assistance


The payouts offered by Opteck range from 60% to 85% of the profit. So, 85% is at the higher end of the payout that a trader can expect to receive. On the whole 85% is pretty average amongst brokers online. However, using the ’one touch options’ does help giving traders up to a 400% payout which is great!

To help traders minimize their risk and loss, Opteck has a 15% cash return for all so called ’out of the money trades.’ So, when a trader is not winning, they don’t lose all their money but rather stand a chance to get some of the amount back. Being able to get part of that traded amount back which helps them trade more and in turn, stand a better chance of turning in a bigger profit next time.

Another feature is ’Early close,’ which allows them to close the option even before it hits the expiry time set. If a trader sees that the option or asset is not going to be profitable by the time it expires they have the option of closing the trade early and end up getting part of the amount back. Traders will find that this happens to be one of the best ways to minimize losses if and when market are not moving as expected.

Different trading assets

Opteck allows you to trade Forex, Stocks, Commodities and Indices

Opteck offers traders the ability to trade up to fifty different stocks. The list has some of the most well-known brands and businesses from across the world. Plus, there are many industries which represented, so the trader has the ability to choose one for which they have enough knowledge to trade.

When it comes to currency pairs trading, Opteck offers thirty pairs that can be traded. The pairs include also commonly traded currencies like TRY, CHF, ZAR, USD, CAD, JPY, EUR, GBP, AUD, and NZD.

The list of commodities which can be traded include common ones like coffee, copper, wheat, silver, crude oil, gold, and even natural gas. However, natural gas and crude oil are rarely traded commodities.

The Demo Account

Opteck offers its traders are fully functioning demo account. However, to access the demo account, you need to be a Bronze level account holder if not higher. The demo account allows traders to practice their strategies by trading with virtual money and so they don’t run the risk of losing real money.

Plus, once traders are confident with using the platform’s demo account they can move on to trading with real money.

Informational Material and Trading Tools

Beginners Course Introduction

Opteck has a wide variety of tutorials and webinars

Opteck has an academy section which offers an array of learning material to traders. Traders can choose from an array of courses based on what they want to learn.

The broker offers many video courses which are a part of the so called trading academy. Plus, there are around 7 different courses offered to beginners, 8 are meant for advanced traders, and 4 go in depth when it comes to trading and three which are for advanced traders.

The courses meant for newbie traders is to teach them the significance of global trading. It covers topics such as binary trading robots, risk, trading, change, trends, emotions and other factors to consider.

The advanced courses cover issues like passive trading, plus market analysis, aggressive trading, support, resistance, Harami patterns, shooting star patterns, identifying patterns, and find using the breakaway pattern for identifying characteristics and features. All of this is very useful for a newbie trader when it comes to executing winning trades.

The more detailed courses cover trading psychology, binary options types, market analysis, and financial management.

The advanced and more detailed courses discuss using profitable methods and using advanced as well as basic analysis before executing a trade.

Opteck also has an eBook which traders can use to learn important information about trading. A lot of the information is in-depth and is very useful even for an advanced or intermediate trader.

Mobile Platform FX CFD

The mobile platform is easy to use and has all the features you’ll need

Mobile Trading

Despite Opteck using their own trading platform instead of the widely used SpotOption platform, it is still very easy to use. The mobile version has all the same features as the online browser based one and allows traders to execute trades with the same features. So, switching between the two is not difficult.

Traders can access the smart phone version of the platform via the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for Android users. However, you’ll be required to log-in with your credentials i.e. username and password. If you don’t already have an account, it can be created directly via their website.

Is the Broker a Fraud or a Real Broker?

After having to been doing business for now six years and regulated strictly by CySEC, we can be sure that Opteck is not a scam. The company would not have invested in creating their own trading platform if Opteck didn’t want to be a broker for a long time.

Opteck has a very clear payout policy. Plus the platform is exceptionally well built even meeting the needs of highly demanding traders.

General FAQ

Who promotes Opteck?

The broker is operated and owned by Centralspot Trading Ltd. The company’s company’s registered address is Popadopoulou, office 22, 237, Cyprus. Main or head quarters of the company has a regulatory license issued by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission 238/14 (license number).

All financial transaction taking place online goes through CST PA Services Ltd at Loanni Stylianou 6, 2nd Floor, Cyprus, Greece.

What trading options are offered by Opteck?

Opteck offers all popular trading options i.e. Quick Options, Range type High/Low, One-touch and High/low.

FAQ Section

The FAQ section on their website has all the answers you could possibly need

What assets are available for trading via the broker?

The broker offers trading of over a hundred assets. Traders can invest in financial markets like stocks of big-name companies like Facebook, Google, Vodaphone, and HSBC, in addition to Indices like DAX30, NASDAQ, and CAC40, etc.

Traders can also buy and sell commodities like Gold, Oil, and Silver in addition to popular currency pairs like USD/JPY, EURCHF and EUR/USD amongst many others.

Does Opteck enforce a min and max trading amount cap?

The company does enforce a max and minimum trading or investment amount for every trade. The limit which you can spend on a position will range from a minimum of $25 to $10,000. Plus, what you end up spending also depends on the account you have.

How to select the account type that I want?

You can choose from six different account types. However, the account is selected based on the amount that you decide to fund the account with. The table describes in great detail the deposit details corresponding to the account type.

Is this really a licensed broker?

Indeed! Opteck is a licensed and regulated broker. Their parent company’s website is 24Option. Plus Centraspot Trading has a license by CySEC. The license number has been verified as 238/14.

How to contact the company’s customer support?

All popular methods of communication are open to traders who want to contact customer support. Traders can choose to use live chat, email or call up support to resolve any problems they may have. This makes it very easy to contact and speak to someone when there is a problem.

In addition to regular trading Opteck also offers Islamic Trading via its platform and other Sharia trading services for those who are interested in it.

What regional languages can Opteck be reached in?

At the moment the website can be accessed in 7 languages apart from English. The Languages are French, Polish, Japanese, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, Polish and Italian.

5 Reasons to choose Opteck as the broker of choice

Ever since the dawn of derivative and binary options trading, there has been a rise in the number of people trading online. The number of commodities and assets traded has increased with there now being over 400 different trading assets on offer from a growing number of brokers.

The rapid growth in this industry has led to traders testing the latest platforms. Opteck provides a great trading platform and it continues to improve or evolve. The platform boasts of having hundreds of different assets which range from regular commodities to highly volatile currency pairs, indices, and stocks. We have outlined exactly why traders would want to choose Opteck as their preferred broker.

A Regulated broker

When selecting a broker you need to make sure that they are regulated. You’ll always want to open an account with a regulated and licensed broker since the chances of them being a scam are slim. Our findings after researching Opteck reveal that it is regulated by CySEC.

Regulation strictest guidelines

CYSEC is a government agency which licenses and regulates financial institutions operating in Europe’s financial markets. So, traders can be sure that their funds and the funds that they keep with the broker are separate from the official or corporate account. If anything it helps instill a feeling of trustworthiness and security in traders.

As a regulated broker Opteck does have to enforce a couple of strict rules which are amended from time to time depending on instructions from CySEC. If Opteck were a scam, the broker would have been shuttered a long time back but yet it has remained trusted in a competitive market since 2011.

Excellent trading Platform

Another reason to choose Opteck is the easy to use and well-designed platform. If anything it provides traders with a technological edge over the competition. The comprehensive set of features on offer provide traders with a quick and easy to understand interface which can help execute winning trades.

The platform was developed in-house with the goal of providing traders with a customizable trading interface so that it was suited to investors of all types and sizes.

The platform in addition to all the standard features also has an economic calendar, price alerts, trading signals, one click trade execution and various other trading tools. Plus, the risk management tool like profit and stop loss helps to make trading easier and less risky.

The platform makes it easy for traders to quickly view the overall financial and the trading history with a click of a button. It can also create a report which is thoroughly customized to suit a trader’s needs. Since the platform has been designed to be customer centric the learning curve is not as steep like with other platforms.

A large selection of educational material

We think that the biggest advantage Opteck has over its competitors is the fact it has one of the biggest selections of educational material. The material is not just meant for newbie traders but also for top traders.

The materials include ebooks, video content, articles, and various other professional learning tools. Traders using the platform can also register for a webinar which helps them learn new strategies and techniques.

The brokerage also allows traders to enroll in an exquisite private trading session. The meeting is led by expert in-house traders who aim to provide traders with the latest information regarding different trading strategies, sessions and assets. So, just about any trader who joins Opteck can expect to learn and grow as a professional with the material provided.

A comprehensive list of assets

Traders have instant access to assets from all major categories. The assets include stocks, currency pairs, indices, and commodities.

Traders can easily buy and sell stocks like those of Carrefour, eBay, Google, Vodafone, Apple, Deutsche Bank, Facebook and Dell amongst many others on offer. Traders can also buy and sell commodities like coffee and corn apart from precious metals.

Traders can also invest in popular international indices like the CAC, DAX, and DOW Jones to just name a few. Plus they (traders) can also quickly invest in volatile currency pairs like USD/JPY, USD/EUR and USD/GBP in addition to many others.

The detailed list of trading assets ensures that a trader’s life is a lot easier because its possible to easily diversify their portfolio and minimize risk.

Top quality Customer Support

24h customer supportOpteck boasts of having some of the best customer support services in the industry. The customer support professionals are knowledgeable and well equipped which means that they can answer any question that traders have.

Plus, solve issues faced by some traders. The brokerage also boasts of a near seamless withdrawal and deposit experience but if problems are encountered traders can contact the 24/7 customer service for help.

After calling and speaking to customer support as traders, we found the experience to be very encouraging. Plus, there are multiple ways to contact support i.e. via live chat, web forms, phone, and email.

We would like to conclude the review by saying that the excellent and consistent performance by customer support, in addition to a great list of assets certainly puts Opteck on the map amongst the best brokers.

The extensive educational resources and great trading platform plus being duly licensed by a government financial agency means that they can be trusted. So, there is no reason why traders shouldn’t choose Opteck as their brokerage.


Opteck review

The platform is one of the best we have seen


At Opteck there are more than 100 assets available for trading. Traders can invest in real time on financial products such as stocks (Apple, Facebook, Nike and more), currency pairs (EUR/USD, GBP/USD and more), commodities (gold, sugar, oil and more) or indices (Nasdaq, FTSE, Cac40 and more).

An impressive asset list allows traders to choose their preferable asset for online trading.

Deposit methods and withdrawals

Deposit and Withdrawal MethodsAfter opening an account at Opteck, it is simple to deposit funds: 

  1. One only needs to click on the Deposit button and select the amount of payment
  2. Funding the account is a safe and secure process, since all transactions are encrypted by SSL protocol, ensuring safe communication on the Web
  3. Accounts can be funded through a variety of payment methods, including Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, CashU, BankWire

The withdrawal procedure is simple, and withdrawal takes only 3 business days. When withdrawing funds, a minimum withdraw amount of $50 is required. The minimum withdrawal amounts’ currency is subjected to the currency the user is trading with.

Customer service

The customer service offered by Opteck is fast and effective just like with many other brokers. Services are offered in a variety of languages and easily accessible for every trader. Support is available online, via live chat, telephone or e-mail. Customer support can help answer many questions that the trader may find crucial in the process of trading.


ApprovedIn conclusion, Opteck offers a secure and simple to use trading platform with a large variety of trading options. Their comprehensible educational materials offer a real solution for new traders who want to obtain new trading skills. Opteck’s advanced technology positions the company as a good solution for anyone who wishes to trade binary options online, manually or with a binary option trading robot.

Additional information

Customer Service: English / Live Chat /[email protected]/ Phone: +357-77-788316
Languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Italian, Russian, Polish, Turkish and German
Trading Options: : High/Low, On Demand (60 Sec), One Touch, Range
Assets: Currencies, Stocks, Indices, Commodities
Early close: Yes
Expiry Times: Ranging from 30 seconds to 1 week
Deposits and Withdrawals: Visa/MasterCard/Visa Debit/Visa Electron/WebMoney/CashU/Maestro/JCB/BankWire/PostePay/Diners/Skrill
Withdrawal Time: 3-4 days
Demo account: Yes

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7 Binary Options review: Opteck: 4,5 stars.

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