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We try our best on this site to help our readers select the best binary options trading sites to trade on; our reviews are something that we take very seriously. Among the best we have found is OptionFair and they certainly strive hard to remain at the top of the binary options brokerage field. It is a site that really understands the binary options broker’s core ideas of transparency and fairness. They also try to keep their website both simple to use and accessible to all level traders.

The OptionFair website is not only full of helpful binary option learning tools and information, but it also has generous bonuses and does new promotions from time to time also. Promotions often appear with a special phone number in an easy to see alert bubble on the web platform. The site uses web based software that takes up very little of a computers precious memory resources also.

Registering is free, but the investor must make at least the minimum investment of $250 in order to start trading on OptionFair. Just like they try to making trading on the website, they also have a simple signup form and depositing can be done with just a few mouse clicks too. It must be noted that the minimum deposit may be higher if a method other than a credit card is used to make it. There are no fees with using a credit card to make deposits either. Deposits can be made in Euros, British Pounds or US Dollars – funds are automatically converted if other currencies are used. A prudent binary options investor can make a nice profit with even the minimum deposit amount.

Bank wire transfers require a fee and a higher deposit amount because they are more complicated to initiate and process. Customer care will have to give the investor a transfer request form. The minimum deposit for wire transfers is $500. There are other deposit sources that can be used too such as  Western Union; these require the highest deposit minimum of $1500. Another option that is generally cheaper to use is Neteller. All these deposit types are discussed in detail on the website and customer care will be glad to handle any questions the investor has before and after making a deposit.

The minimum trade investment on the website is a low $25. So as an investor can see if they plan on doing a lot of trading and want the highest deposit bonus possible, they should consider depositing as much money as possible to start with.


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