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OptionFair Mobile TradingBinary options traders get frustrated when they cannot sit in front of their computer and trade as often as they would like, but with OptionFair’s mobile trading app that no longer has to be the case. Investors can now trade anywhere they can establish an internet connection.

OptionFair is a website that has embraced the technical revolution and their convenient mobile app is a sign of that. This veteran online broker truly knows how to adapt and make adjustments to accommodate today’s ever changing trading environment. Over 1/3 of their current customers currently take advantage of the mobile app that OptionFair offers.

Although trading on the mobile app gives the user the ability to trade in a similar fashion to the website, it must be noted that it is a scaled down version of the website trading platform. It is conveniently touch screen driven and very simple to learn and use. Now investors can trade while commuting to work, on breaks at the office and even when they are relaxing at the beach.

The app features over 100 tredable assets from markets all over the globe. It also lets a user do more than just place trades too; a user can check trades in process and keep up with current market prices and news also. An app user will also be able to receive handy trading alerts too.

The app also features an economic calendar to help keep track of current economic events and that will help a reader best prepare for the changing asset price movements that sometimes accompany them. There are also free trading signals that are provided to any investor that deposits over $500 in their account. The mobile app can be a powerful tool when combined with the webinars and other learning tools that the OptionFair website provides free to its many traders.


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