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OptionFair USABinary options brokers emerge from different countries all over the world. This makes it tough for the industry to be regulated as a whole. That is why you see some sites that can be traded on by USA investors and other sites that they can’t trade on. OptionFair is one of those sites that cannot currently be traded on by USA investors, but they welcome the rest of the world with open arms to come trade with them.

OptionFair has long been a favored broker on this site. They consistently get favorable reviews from both us and the customers that trade with them. Aside from a few complaints about their customer service, the rest of the website continually gets high marks from us. You don’t get to be one of our preferred brokers here without putting out a consistently good product. Trading from the USA may be possible in the future, but as of right now OptionFair has no plans to pursue that market.

Why is the USA market not tapped more by binary options brokers? That is because it is very difficult to get approval to trade there because of all the picky rules and regulations that are constantly changing in the USA. It creates such a problem to get USA traders eligible that a lot of brokers just don’t bother with trying to navigate through all that red tape. Banking functions are also very complicated when it comes to USA traders too; there are a lot of post 9/11 rules which make money very difficult to move in and out of accounts sometimes.

The USA does a nice job of protecting its citizens information and making things secure for them, but it has resulted in a complicated legal atmosphere that makes it very hard for international binary options brokers to get established there. USA traders that are based in other parts of the world may be eligible to trade on the website if they have foreign bank accounts or credit cards.

That is why OptionFair has chosen to place its emphasis on the European Union, Latin American, Asian and other markets. In response to that, the site offers many of its services in such languages as English, Arabic, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian, Russian,French and Italian. There is enough variety there to accommodate almost every trader in the world’s language. New languages are being added as soon as possible to help expand this impressive language list even further.

In the countries that OptionFairis allowed to be traded on, they have a lot to offer their many customers. It all starts with a web platform that is simple to learn, very user friendly and has a layout that can be easily read. The web platform runs on the very popular TechFinancials software.

With TechFinancials sophisticated trading platform it is possible to do such things as technical chart analysis and choosing from a large list of assets to place trades on. Signup is also a very simple and uncomplicated process and in no time a user can have access to the trading platform and all the learning tools that OptionFair has to offer those that trade on their website.


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