Is Stockpair Legit

Is Stockpair LegitThere is always suspicion of online brokers for some reason. Even if a site is regulated, nobody will use it if it has a bad reputation. If a brokerage firm is used by several thousand of traders and has good reviews online, only then it will be considered a pretty much legitimate brokerage website. Such is the case with the Stockpair online binary options trading website.

Stockpair is currently actively seeking regulation from some of the most reputable online regulating agencies. They have already submitted applications to fall under both CySEC and CFTC. Even though they are not currently regulated, they still continue to function as one of the best online binary option brokers there is today.

Stockpair is also currently waiting a license from Banque de France at the moment too. Despite not being regulated; fairness and safety are definitely two of StockPair’s biggest attributes. Part of that reputation is because the high level of credibility they have with their users. They always provide the sites many user’s with all the tools and features they need to succeed.

They also try to make their deposit and withdrawal process as seamless and secure as possible. StockPair requires certain information at sign up that will help ensure that every account stay safe and secure. It just proves the commitment that Stockpair has to continuing to build upon their already very good reputation.

Stockpair goes one step further by providing a platform that is very user friendly for its traders. Each investor has a choice to trade between binary options and matched pairs. They also feature expiration times that start with as little as 5 minutes and go all the way up to 150 days; this can vary depending on the type of trade selected and the investment amount.

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When an investor is ready to place a trade they will see the trade direction highlighted and the return on investment right on their screen too. This makes everything about the trade extremely clear to the user before they place the trade.

Try Stockpair if you are a serious online binary option trader; you will then see that it a perfectly legitimate trading website.


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