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StockPair AffiliatesAnytime a trader can get a little bonus from the website they trade on it’s a great thing. Everyone likes a generous bonus when they sign up too. One of the best ways to get a little extra bonus in their account after a person signs up for an online broker is to find a website that has a generous affiliate program for the customers they get to sign up with them. StockPair is one of those sites with a good affiliate program.

If a trader is having a great experience when trading then why shouldn’t they refer that site to their friends who trade? The answer is it’s perfectly alright to tell their friends about a good trading experience, especially if the trader can earn a little extra money in the process. StockPair has one of the most credible affiliate programs there is and will pay a trader commissions for any referral to their website.

Many people do not trust other binary options brokers because they sometimes promise the world to their customers and then do not follow through on what they promise. The StockPair website clearly explains how their program works and exactly how much a referral is worth to their traders.

Not only does an investor get referral bonuses with StockPair, but the site provides them with an easy to use platform to place their trades and also has a lot of tools and features to help make that trading successful. Many traders rave about the first class support they get in making successful trades.

They also have an excellent customer service team that will provide the investor help with making referrals, signing up and making the initial deposit, problems with banking transactions and withdrawals, and any other problems that a user may encounter.

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Any trader that signs up with them will get a unique customer ID. This ID is what is also used to track their referrals; this is StockPair’s way of showing its traders that they stand behind what they say.

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