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StockPair BonusWhat trader doesn’t like a generous bonus when they sign up to trade with an online binary options broker? The answer is nobody; that is why StockPair offers it’s many traders a generous sign up bonus with their new trading account. That bonus can be as high as 100% on initial deposits. That gives the traders a potential to essentially double their trading amounts right from the get go.

OK, stretching a trader’s budget is a good thing, but what else does StockPair have to offer? Well for one thing, that bonus will help take the worry out of making successful trades while learning how to use StockPair’s trading platform. It’s their way of saying, it’s better for the trader to learn on us than to risk their initial deposit while learning.

The StockPair site also features generous cash back bonuses that are based on the volume a user has traded. They also feature non-restrictive promotions and stop loss/profit options to give their users additional peace of mind when trading with them. These are some of the best incentives offered to binary option traders anywhere an investor looks online.

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Add to that the fact that StockPair has an easy to use trading platform, many options and assets to choose from when trading and backs everything up with an excellent customer service team; it would be hard to understand why an investor would want to trade anywhere else. Just a deposit of $500 or more is all it requires to take advantage of the 100% sign up bonus.


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