StockPair Minimum Deposit

StockPair Minimum DepositThere is no better way to start off a new trading relationship than with a nice bonus on an initial deposit with a web broker; StockPair agrees too. They only require a low minimum deposit of $250 and accept such payment forms as credit card, bank wire transfer and Skrill. The sign up process is 100% supported by an excellent customer service team that will help a trader resolve any sign up issues in a quick and efficient manner.

Along with the low minimum deposit, the minimum investment is only $20 too; that gives the trader a nice way to ease into trading on the website without risking a lot of their investment. For those initial deposits over $500, the sign up bonus could go as high as 100%; that is a lot of extra trading power for the member investor.

The sign up process is simple and easy and only requires filling out a short form for approval. This form helps to establish the security of a trader’s account; that is something which StockPair takes very seriously. It is not meant to be a process that scrutinizes, but to be used as a means to keep their many traders information safe and secure.

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Most traders are thankful that StockPair goes the extra mile to keep their account information safe. It is also highly recommended that the trader use the same account for withdrawals as they did for their deposit; this simplifies the withdrawal process quite a bit. This will also help the trader avoid unnecessary delays when they go to take their money out of their StockPair account.


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John Miller

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  1. Nickals2   •  

    250 is a bit high, is there a website that requires a bit less? Or is this the normal amount?

    • John Miller   •     Author

      IQ Option has a very low minimum deposit: $10.

  2. MARTIN K.   •  

    If I make first deposit 250, how many is next deposit….??can i do next just 100?

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