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Stockpair OptionsStockPair is quickly becoming known as one of the best binary option online brokers. It takes no time at all to fill out the simple registration form, make a deposit and be making successful binary options trades.

It’s easy to use platform was designed by veteran traders to be informative, educational and to provide all the tools necessary for a trader to be successful.

It makes great use of two of the most popular trading options: fixed price options and floating price options.

Fixed pair options involve trades that compare an asset to its performance against another pre-named asset. The price performance is noted at the expiration date to see if the trade was successful or not. The return on investment for a fixed price option can be as high as 82%. There is no need for the trader to worry about what happens with the asset price before expiration.

Floating pair options are a little different. They will monitor the asset price periodically at predetermined timeframes until the trade expiration. It can provide a higher return than fixed pair options.

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As was stated, these are two of the most popular options when it comes to trading binary options and Stockpair has both. Once a trader gets used to using the StockPair platform they will be able to understand and use these type of options with no problems at all.


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