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Stockpair PlatformStockPair’s trading platform is well known as one of the best designed and user friendly trading platforms that you can find among trading websites today. Not only is it easy to use and informative, but it also gives an investor the ability to choose between trading a large variety of options or stock pairs.

The site allows generous return on investments that can go as high as 85% for a simple fixed rate pair option; that is not a bad return on investment by any means. Floating pair options which are more difficult to predict and place, can return up to a 350% return on investment.

One of the nice perks with using StockPair is there is no hidden fees or commission charges to take away money from your winnings; every fee they charge is clearly stated and easy to find in the informational material about the site. An excellent customer service staff will be glad to answer any questions about fees or any other questions and concerns a trader might have.

The StockPair website also features many learning tools, analysis tools and other information to help a trader become as successful as possible. These tools will be an aid to both beginning and veteran investors alike. The site is also kept up to date to make sure a trader has everything they need at their disposal to consistently make winning binary option trades.

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