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StockPair Trading ReviewsThe StockPair binary options trading website was founded by veteran traders and financial experts with the specific goal in mind of expertly servicing the binary options trading community’s needs. They are an online binary trading site whose design team has enough trading knowledge and savvy to design their own website; that is pretty impressive because most binary options brokers cannot claim that.

The site was first established for trading in 2010. Their ability to design their own website has catapulted them to the top of the online trading market because they cater to what traders want and need in their online trading platforms. That makes their site not only fully functional to trade on and easy to use, but it also makes it very unique in the binary options trading world.

StockPair is an easy site to get started trading on. There is a short questionnaire that each user must fill out to get started; this not only helps setup the account, but it also helps to establish information that will keep a trader’s information safe and secure. The site only requires a small minimum deposit of $250 to start trading, but the more an investor deposits, the higher their initial signup bonus will be (Max 100%).

Minimum investment per trade is also a reasonable $20 and will help keep the risk down for those that are just learning the site. For those who do not want to risk any money while learning the trading platform, there is also a free demo account they can use.

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StockPair also lets its investor’s trade on over 150 assets, which include some of the most highly traded stocks and currency pairs that are found on the market. StockPair’s investors can also trade a variety of indices and commodities too. And most importantly of all, for those who have questions or problems with the site, they back everything up with a fast and reliable customer service team. StockPair truly does everything possible to provide its investors with a pleasurable trading experience.


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