StockPair vs TradeRush

StockPair vs TraderushThere is no better way of judging a binary options website then by comparing them side by side to other popular binary options brokers. Every trader looks for that website which consistently beats the completion in side by side comparisons; especially if it consistently beats the most popular online brokers when compared to them. That is exactly what the StockPair binary options trading site does.

Let’s take a look at StockPair and compare it to another popular binary options broker, TradeRush.

Traderush has long been known as an innovator in binary options trading sites; they were the first to offer the widely popular pair options trading. Since then, it has been joined by many other brokers that offer this type of trading option, including StockPair. One of the problems with TradeRush is that its trading platform is not as straightforward as StockPair’s.

It does not break out the asset classes like StockPair does, which in turn makes it more difficult for TradeRush users to execute a trade. StockPair makes it much easier to select assets and place trades on them after the user predicts which asset they think will perform better in a specific period of time.

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Here are the advantages of StockPair trading platform that it has over TradeRush:

1. StockPair’s trading platform is a lot more user friendly than TradeRush’s and therefore it is easier for StockPair’s user’s to get up to speed on how to work the site and start making successful binary options trades. Investors will get a much clearer picture of price trends on StockPair’s charts as opposed to TradeRush’s.

2. StockPair can boast about the fact that it has over seventy different types of pairs that a trader can choose from and they are listed on different indices worldwide. TradeRush’s pair selection is several times smaller than that of StockPair; limited selection most often limits potential trading success too.

3. TradeRush only provides it investors with fixed pair options, whereas StockPair features both fixed pair options and floating pair options.

So when it comes to side by side comparisons, one must consider StockPair to hold a big edge over TradeRush. StockPair offers more trading options and adds to that by allowing its traders to choose between many more matched pairs than its competitor TradeRush does.


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