TraderVC LogotypeTraderVC Broker is another software for binary options trading. This software uses the PandaTS system which is a very popular choice when it comes to binary options trading.

TraderVC Broker is a software which provides the customers with an effective and simple system. Besides this they are promising their customers great performance and lots of trading assets with the help of their licensed brokers and financial experts.

It was about time to write this review and discover the truth behind TraderVC Broker and determine if it is a scam or reliable software. At the very beginning we should mention that this software is operated by BetaTech Ltd. but has no license and isn’t regulated or registered anywhere.

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A glimpse at some of the different stocks you can trade with TraderVC

According to the designers of the website and reviews written there, they are promising their customers payouts that are going up to 81% which sounds a bit extravagant. In this review we will determine the facts behind this software and describe all relevant information and trading opportunities which this software offers.

Starter Account TypeTraderVC Broker Account Characteristics

The creators of the TraderVC Broker software are offering their customer four different types of accounts. Each of these accounts is designed for a certain type of trainers based on their previous experience in trading and their knowledge.

Before choosing the right account for you they recommend that you to think about your long-term goals, your trading style and of course your previous experience in the binary options trading market.

There is no surprise in the fact that less experienced traders and beginners will choose less expensive accounts as they often don’t have as great of a trading capital as others.

Professional Account TypeStarter account

  • Basic training course
  • Video tutorials and instructions
  • Great amount of assets available
  • Great amount of option types available
  • Mobile and Web platform
  • Free account manager
  • For first withdrawal in month no fee
  • Customer service and support

Pro account

  • All benefits of starter account
  • Many different bonuses
  • Various trading signals and alerts

Premium account

  • All benefits of pro account
  • 1 risk-free trading opportunity per month

Premium Account TypeExecutive account

  • All benefits of premium account
  • 2 risk-free trading opportunities per month

As we can see in their TraderVC Broker reviews, the site offers their customers various bonuses. We invested some time to research these bonuses and I don’t recommend you to accept any bonuses and other promotions that they will be offering you.

Every bonus and promotion according to general terms and conditions has a unique policy. The fact is that traders don’t know trading volume before accepting special trades offered by the broker.

Executive Trading AccountThe fact is that traders should know in any moment terms and conditions of every single trade regardless their interest in bonuses and promotions.

When a trader accept special bonuses, this offer can’t be canceled or reversed so you should make wise decisions. TraderVC Broker keeps their right to change and modify terms and conditions of any bonus and promotion. They can modify every bonus at any time and apply changes to active bonuses.

We took our time to read TraderVC Broker reviews and noticed that this software doesn’t provide customers with a demo account. A demo account would be a great and important addition to the software, great for gaining and improving knowledge in binary options trading systems.

It would give the beginners the benefits of great experience, new trading skills, gaining more confidence when it comes to trading and generally help novices get into the groove of things.

TraderVC Broker Software System

TraderVC Square 1Like I mentioned, before this particular software for trading uses the PandaTS system which is a great and reliable option among great number of traders. On their website you will notice a great number of assets available but it might be confusing for the customers to select the desired one because of the tabs on the dashboard.

The website dashboard includes and shows overviews and currently available trades and conditions. Because of the fact that assets are placed in tabs on the dashboard and that you can easily get confused, I recommend you to search through the platform before making any decisions and placing any trades.

TraderVC Broker offers their customers a wide range of options which are called hyper options. Customers can choose and select options such as modifying range, great amount of turbo options, selecting with one touch and many others.

TraderVC Square 2When it comes to the expiration time of certain offers you can choose alert time like 30 seconds, 60 seconds, one hour or end of the day and month.

We also took a look at the assets available and there is a wide range of available assets for customers. You can choose between 8 indicies, 30 stocks, 4 commodities and 26 currency pairs. Each of these assets have unique trading time before an offer expires, so before making any decisions you should check every asset index and look for when the offer expires.

The TraderVC Broker is promising that the mobile application is coming as the newest addition. They are promising both iOS and Android apps, but at the time of writing this review there is no mobile application released and available.

TraderVC Square 3TraderVC Broker mobile application would be a fresh and exciting addition for the traders and customers because so many people would rather use their mobile phones for trading instead of laptops and computers nowadays.

With the release of TraderVC Broker app customers will be able to trade at any time regardless of their whereabouts. The TraderVC Broker platform includes many great features such as social trading which allows customers to see and track other users of the platform and how others are placing their offers and trades.

How do you use this software properly?

When you first enter their website, you will see that there is nothing complicated and requiring extra knowledge and experience in trading. TraderVC Broker software offers and utilizes one of the most used and desired platforms for binary options trading market.

How To Trade AcademyIn order to access their software and start placing trades you have to pay the initial deposit money of $250. After you have paid this amount of money which is charged to your credit card, you can instantly start placing trades.

Before making the decision on which asset you want to place your offer, you should look for asset index. You can choose among 160 various assets.

After you have decided which asset you want to place your trade on, you have to set expiration time and amount of money you want to invest in that particular asset. After placing your investment you have to select between call or out options based on your predictions.

You have previously signed contract with the broker, but you don’t have ownership of your investments until you make enough profit.

When you generate enough profit you can request to withdraw part of your income and just now you can say you own your TraderVC account and can manage your invested money and earned profits. When you get to this point your account has been verified and this takes no more than a few days.

Is a Download Required?

TraderVC InterfaceThe answer is that you can trade without downloading any suspicious kinds of software as long as you have an internet connection. TraderVC Broker has a platform designed for every browser customers are using so they can trade easily from their browsers at any time.

If you are more interested in trading on the go, I have some exciting news for you. TraderVC Broker mobile applications both for iOS and Android mobile devices are going to be released soon.

The ultimate question: Is TraderVC Broker a scam?

We are aware of the fact that many fraudulent sites can be found across the internet, especially when it comes to the binary options trading softwares. However, we can say for sure that the founders of TraderVC Broker invested a great amount of time and have great experience in this specific field of digital trading options.

TraderVC Broker designers are familiar with the great amount of scamming websites and softwares and because of this their software is designed particularly as a scam free trading place.

You may ask about the legitimacy of their software and I have to say they are not licensed yet but are definitely going to be registered and licensed very soon, and they appear to be running a legitimate business.

The truth is that they have very strict rules when it comes to the safety and security of their customers. They are providing their customers with safe and scam free environment. Besides strict rules and management they use SSL protocols which are the newest addition to the safety of their customers while trading.

At the end we can only conclude and give a verdict of complete reliability and legitimacy of TraderVC Broker.

Taxes and Fees

As a new client of this newly designed broker software will be free from paying any additional taxes and fees. Aside from the initial deposit of $250 which is required upon registration, you will not be obliged to deposit any other money or pay any additional fees.

TraderVC Broker Company

TraderVC Broker is software for binary trading which currently does not hold a license. This software is owned and managed by BetaTech Ltd. This company is situated United Kingdom in Ludgate Hill in London.

To be more precise the actual main company is AMCapital Ltd . of Trust Company Complex which is situated in the Majuro on the Marshall Islands.

Company Information Details

The website has all the information about TraderVCs company you will need

When first creating an account, you will need to pay an initial deposit of $250. After registering with the broker you can make deposits by various methods like Skrill or WebMoney. I should mention that the minimum withdrawal is $250 for credit cards and the minimum amount for bank wire transfers is $500.

When it comes to the withdrawals according to the terms and conditions every withdrawal should be processed within 5 to 10 days which is a reasonable period of time for a withdrawal. They are offering their customers with one free withdrawal per month and every next withdrawal is charged $30.

Before withdrawing your money you will be asked to provide some personal documents but they fail to mention which documents particularly. After going through their website we noticed there is little information about the withdrawal process overall.


ApprovedWe mentioned before that TraderVC Broker is something new and refreshing when it comes to the binary options trading software. We provided you with more than enough evidence to support their statements about their reliability and legitimacy. Their website offers customers a friendly and safe environment with a great interface.

With great amount of assets on offer, online educational course and customer service always available there is no surprise in fact that this trading platform is most desired and preferred by many professional traders and by others with less experience as well. At the end of the day we can conclude that TraderVC Broker is safe for trading, legitimate and reliable.


  • Four different types of accounts
  • Basic training course
  • Great amount of assets available
  • Customer service and support always available
  • One free withdrawal per month
  • Mobile and Web platforms


  • Few trading options
  • Tight restrictions on trade sizes
  • Demo testing capabilities are limited

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7 Binary Options review: TraderVC: 4 stars.
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  1. Rolf Aalberg   •  

    It is a fact that I have deposited $250 with TraderVC. I can send a copy of my bank statement that can prove boh my investment of $250 to them as well as a similar amount to a few other Trading companies out there. The situation now simply is hat KI am unable to login – I do not exist as a user there, and several attempts at geting to the bottom if this issue by using their Chat box that never is attended, haven’t made any impact. If they don’t take me seriousy, what reasons have you for believing you’ll be treated differently?

    The market is overcrowded with Trading companies offering their services, Fintech looks like a trustworthy operator to me, but I am running from and leaving everything with anything with trading to do.

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